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3 BIN Standard

“Three Bin Indicator” is an indicator suitable for connecting three weighing platforms for recipe preparation. Suitability of “Three Bin Indicator” at any construction site is assured by its robust nature against vibration & heavy dusty environment.

  • Three load cell ports for connecting separate bins/hoppers.
  • Fourteen key front mount keyboard for settings.
  • Four 7 segment 4 digit LED display to show bin weights, water.
  • Four Relay Outputs:
    • Indication/Alarm of set point achieved on respective weigh bins.
    • Relay for timer based control of water feed.
  • Four indication LEDs for bin 1, bin 2 , bin3 & water.
  • 230 V AC operated.
  • Three step calibration, separate for each bin.
  • Weight controlling features like auto zero tracking, weight tracking etc.
  • Four 7 segment 4 digit LED display to show bin weights, water.
  • Set points field programmable for each bin.
  • Relay activation on achieving set point.
  • LED indication for relay status.
  • Calibration of water according to liter value and time.
  • LCD model also available.
  •  Processor

8051 derivative 


  • Processor Clock

18 MHz.


  • Power Supply

SMPS type EMI/RFI filter with spike suppressor


  • Input

3 loadcell ports provided to connect 3 separate weigh hopper/bins, where each of them can be connected with more than one loadcells


  • Output

4 number relays (Potential free contacts)


  • Keypad

14-key front mount keypad for data & Function entries.


  • A/D Converter

Sigma Delta type 24 BIT ADC


  • Conversion Speed



  • Load Cell Excitation

8V @ 300mA (up to eight load cells of 350 ohms each)


  • Signal/Unit weight

1 micro volt to 3 microvolts


  • Indications


Buzzer for fault and data entry


  • Fuse


F1 fuse 2.5 Amp for AC power in


  • Protection


RFI/EMI filter for input power

Spike suppressor for input transients


  • Input Voltage

90V to 270V AC @ 50Hz/60Hz

12-24V DC(Opt)


  • Power Consumption

15 VA (approx.)


  • Environment


Operating Temp - 0° to 50° C

Humidity -0 to 95% relative humidity non-condensing.


  • Mechanical

Industrial panel mounting enclosure with sheet metal and extruded aluminum section

Case size: 144 x 144 x 160 mm(W) (L) (H)

Bezel size : 144x144 mm

Panel cut out  : 138X138 mm

Depth : 140 mm with rear panel connector


  • RD mixer
  • Concrete/Mobile Batching Plant
  • Brick Making Plant

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