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“Three Bin USB Indicator” is an indicator suitable for connecting three weighing platforms with advanced features of data processing, saving, printing, pen drive dumping, SMS and many more operational flexibility for recipe preparation. Suitability of “Three Bin USB Indicator” at any construction site is assured by its robust nature against vibration & heavy dusty environment. No printer compulsion at site due to availability of pen drive port, better supervisor control using SMS updates and above all various options for recipe settings.

  • Three load cell ports for connecting separate bins.
  • Fourteen key front mount keypad for alpha-numeric working.
  • Six 7 segment 4 digit LED display to show bin weights, total, water & add mix/tank level.
  • Five Relay Outputs for bin 1, bin 2, bin 3, water feed control & add mix control/tank level.
  • Five Digital Inputs: to connect external proximity switches for various functions.
  • Three Serial (RS232) ports for weight transfer, modem connection(SMS) and serial printing respectively.
  • USB port featured for connecting pen drive.
  • Six indication LEDs for process indication.
  • Memory to store 8000 records.
  • 230 V AC operated (12 V DC OPTIONAL).
  • RS485 communication (OPTIONAL).
  • Safety fuse & On/Off switch.


  • Field settable recipe, ingredient names.
  • Recipe with names, set weights & co-relation with Bin, separate for each recipe.
  • Provision for 15 recipe.
  • Provision for max 6 ingredients on any bin.
  • Provision for max 6 ingredients on any bin.

Batch Formation

  • Selection of recipe number.
  • Auto batch repeating option (up to 99 cycles).
  • Liter / time base water discharge.
  • Liter / time base add-mix discharge (OPTIONAL).
  • Saving of batch data on unique RST number with date, time.


  • Field settable alphanumeric header / footer.
  • Ticket printing online/ offline option.
  • Report printing date wise, batch wise.


  • Water tank level maintain using digital input (OPTIONAL).
  • Pen drive dumping for softcopy of records in excel file format.
  • Save/ restore configuration settings using pen drive.
  • SMS sending after each batch.
  • SMS report on request can be called batch/date wise.
  • Various self-test features for hardware.
  • Cloud Interface for uploading records on web server “” (OPTIONAL).
  • Processor

32 bit ARM processor


  • Processor Clock

80 MHz

  • Memory

8000 records of 99 cycles each


  • Power Supply

SMPS type EMI/RFI filter with spike suppressor


  • USB port

Pen drive data download


  • Com Port

Com1 for weight transfer

Com2 for connecting modem for SMS  (OPTIONAL uploadweighment on web server)

Com3 for serial printing


  • Input signal

1 to 3 µV per division of weight


  • Keypad

14-key front mount keypad for data & Function entries


  • A/D Converter Resolution

Sigma Delta type 24 BIT ADC


  • Conversion Speed


  • Load Cell Excitation

8V @ 300mA (up to eight load cells of 350 ohms each).


  • Protection

RFI/EMI filter for input power

Spike suppressor for input transients


  • Input Voltage

90V to 270V AC @ 50Hz/60Hz

12 - 24V DC(Opt)


  • Power Consumption

10 VA (approx.)


  • Environment

Operating Temp - 0° to 50° C

Humidity -0 to 95% relative humidity non-condensing.


  • Mechanical

Industrial panel mounting enclosure with sheet metal and extruded aluminum section.



Case size: 144 x 144 x 160 mm(W) (L) (H)


Bezel size : 144x144 mm

Panel cut out  : 138X138 mm



Depth : 140 mm with rear panel connector

  • RD Mixer
  • Concrete/Mobile Batching Plant
  • Brick Making Plant

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