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Batch controller BC06 is state of the art industrial batching controller cum logger. It has features for controlling batch operations and storing batch records in the memory. Stored data can be printed for reporting or billing purpose. Digital outputs for controlling feeds/discharge, digital inputs for external proximity switches and interlocking function are provided. Utility of BC06 is in automatic recipe preparation using various ingredients in proper proportion. Four different models are available to connect number of platforms ranging from 1 to 4. Solutions are readily available for RMC plants and on customization for similar applications for other field requirements. Product has been field tested for years and proved highly accurate and reliable even in harsh industrial environment.

  • Microprocessor based.
  • Sigma Delta type 24 bit ADC.
  • LCD display to show weight / process /date-time.
  • Seven Segment LED display to show weight (depending on model).
  • SMPS power supply.
  • 15key front mount keyboard.
  • Potential free relay outputs with isolation and electrical noise immunity.
  • Digital inputs (DI) for connecting external switches/sensors.
  • RS232 port for continuous transmission of current weight.
  • Parallel port for connecting 80 column dot matrix printer.
  • RTC & memory for date/time and saving facility.
  • Panel mount industrial housing.
  • Analog output 4-20mA , 0-10V (OPTIONAL).
  • Processor

8051 derivative processor


  • Processor Clock

18 MHz


  • Display

16x2 LCD and 1/2” LED for models BC06_1L, BC06_2L

40X2 LCD  for models BC06_3L, BC06_4L


  • Power Supply


SMPS with EMI/RFI filter and Spike Suppresser

  • Fuse 

 2.5A for AC power in


  • Signal unit weight


1micro volt to 3 microvolts per unit weight

  • Protection


RFI/EMI filter for input power  

Spike suppressor for input transients


  • Indication

 Buzzer for fault indication and data entry


  • Digital Output


 Max. 32 inbuilt potential free relay output for driving solenoid valves/contactor switches


  • Digital Input


Max. 8 Digital input for connecting remote switches OR other interlocking signals


  • Loadcell Port


1 to 4 numbers for models BC06_1L, BC06_2L, BC06_3L, BC06_4L respectively


  • Serial Port

RS-232C port for computer interface or remote display interface


  • Printer Port


Centronics compatible parallel port for connecting 80 column dot matrix printer


  • Keyboard port


to connect 101 key computer type keyboard


  • Input Voltage


90 V -270 V AC @ 50 Hz/ 60 Hz

  • Memory

128 K for data storage with battery backup 

700 records, depending on options programmed


  • Keypad

15-key front mount keypad for data & function entries



  • A/D Converter Resolution


A/D Sigma Delta type 24BIT resolution delivering 50 samples per seconds



  • Conversion Speed


 25 Hz.

  • Load Cell Excitation

8V @ 300mA (up to eight load cells of 480 ohms each)


  • Input Signal

1 to 3 µV per division of weight



  • Power Consumption

10VA (approx.)



  • Environment

Operating Temp: 10 o to +55 o Celsius.

Humidity: 0 to 95% relative humidity non-condensing



  • Mechanical








Industrial Panel Mounting Enclosure with sheet metal & extruded Aluminium sections


Case Size 282 x 138 x 300mm

Bezel size : 190x96 mm

Panel cut out  : 184X90 mm

Depth : 20 mm with rear panel connector 

Weight: 4.4 kg approx

  • RMC Batching plants
  • Chemical Dousing
  • Oil filling

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