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Cloud Data logger is a combo device that provide data logging along with cloud computing facility. It reads the data from any digital device through RS232 or RS485 (Modbus-RTU) and stores, uploads the same after user defined interval.

Hardware Features

  • Up to 8/16/32 devices can be connected simultaneously on a single serial port.
  • 20 registers per device can be configured for saving data.
  • Total 3 00 000 records can be saved in data memory.
  • Cellular modem for data transmission (GSM/GPRS).
  • USB keyboard connectivity for configuring devices.
  • Report dumping in Pen drive in .xls format for reporting.
  • User defined time intervals for data logging & uploading.
  • Provision for manual data collection & upload.
  • No need for installing additional, costly SCADA/PLC systems.

Software Features

  • Authorized access on the server for better security.
  • Data easily accessible from anywhere across the globe.
  • Excel format report can be generated on web application.
  • Provision to create multiple users on web application.
  • It is a Cross- platform software.Can run be on any operating system.
  • Can run on devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops etc. that have a web browser installed.
  • Daily Reports can be generated through web application and shared via email.

  • Real time monitoring of Digital indicators/process parameters at plant/factory.
  • Any controlling measure can be done on immediate basis.
  • SCADA & Computer system not required.Internet connection is not required at site.
  • Cost effective, as it works on GSM technology.
  • Password protected for better security.
  • Unauthorized access to data is restricted.
  • Autosave feature to prevent data loss during network failures. Device will save the data and send it to the destination when the network is up and running.
  • Isolated from current system to avoid any hindrance in process execution.
  • Up to 8/16/32 devices can be connected via RS485 modbus protocol.
  • Flexiible configuration at the user's site for settings like 20 Registers per device, buad rate, bits and parity.
  • Configurable header for each register.
  • 40,000 record saving capacity for each device with timestamps.
  • Data logging within device at user defined intervals.
  • Supports standard IBM Keyboard for device configuration.
  • Manual data collection & uploading option.
  • Cloud logging at user defined intervals. Cloud logging interval is common for all devices.
  • In case of network issues, the records are auto-saved and sent to server once the connectiviity resumes.
  • Standard mobile 2G SIM is used for data transmission to cloud server.
  • Convinient Housing (200 x 190 x 96 mm) which can be easily mounted on panels.
  • Industrial Control Panels
  • Industrial Automation
  • Cold Rooms
  • Blood Refrigeration Banks
  • Energy Monitoring System
  • RMC Plants
  • Asphalt Mixing Plant
  • Weighing Application
  • Process Control

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